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The mission of Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty, BARC Chicago, is eliminating cruelty and encouraging compassion for our animal companions. We support and encourage the human-animal bond by education, outreach and understanding for animals as sentient beings.

BARC provides emergency funding and urgent resources for animals in immediate need, with a primary focus on animals in kill facilities and domestic violence situations. We adhere to and support the NO Kill philosophy and the value of every life.



Several members of my animal family had passed away. All were rescued or “foundlings” and I loved each one for their individuality. In March 2009, I had room so I decided to foster 2 abused dogs, supposed pit mixes, that were going to be killed through no fault of their own. I wanted to help so I brought them home from the kill facility stinky, skinny and so scared they belly crawled out of my car.


I was horrified at the fear in these sweet souls, clearly due to abuse at human hands. Having studied the patterns of abuse I wondered what had happened, and what other cruelty was going on in their previous "homes”. This cruelty and abuse needed to stop. These animals needed to get out of abusive situations and kill facilities, they needed time to heal, regain trust and get to a loving home.

There was a huge NEED to network and FUND these animals in kill facilities, or abusive situations to get to safety.

Rescues, fosters and others wanting to help needed organized data with clear easy to find information on the animals and whom to contact.


Having been a career real estate broker I took my networking and organization skills and applied them to this arena.

The response has been wonderful and we have helped save many lives. Our funds are paid directly to Veterinary hospitals, Training or Boarding facilities, we also fund food and medications, so you know your money is helping the animals!

Join Team BARC and help us save more lives by donations and volunteering.  We are an approved 501c3.

Tina Wallace, Founder

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