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Important Notices

Please help us continue to save lives by following these basic guidelines.

NOTE: We do NOT CORRECT your correspondence nor do we have the ability to field questions on incomplete correspondence.  We CANNOT scribe your communications, BARC is a networking conduit, we only SHARE what you send. If you do NOT follow the below your emails will NOT be sent.

  1. BARC is a very small networking conduit in Chicago that works directly with ACOs or volunteers for the specific kill facilities, primarily in Illinois and neighboring states. We DO NOT network for animals that are already in Rescue looking for a home!! While we hope to expand our reach in the future we are ONLY able to network to Illinois and neighboring states for animals in urgent need.

  2. We do NOT have screening or transport ability. You or the contact for the animals will need to screen rescues and have transporters, however we are happy to ask our list if you need assistance. ALWAYS SCREEN - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE- Lives depend on YOU.

  3. We do NOT accept messy emails which include "forwards of forwards", NOR do we need personal commentary- stick to what is needed only.

  4. Everyone MUST BE Bcc’d – this avoids overfill of inboxes and lengthy address lists and faster “read” on the animals in need.

  5. The contact information for the volunteer or ACO for the facility MUST be clear and easy to find in the email. This includes their name, email address and phone number if applicable. Include a photo and brief description of the animal and any information, including vetting, that you have.

  6. ​The location--county or city and state--- MUST be in subject line with brief description UNLESS this is an abuse case and confidentiality is mandated, then add general vicinity if you can​. Basic and necessary information and pictures only please- no diatribes- no personal comments.

  7. IF there is sponsorship money include the amount. 


Rescue Reference or the like requests:

If you want BARC to ask our list for References based on their knowledge base we are happy to do so, please include YOUR contact information, the Rescue you are seeking information on including NAME, CITY, STATE AND CONTACT NAME for that rescue. Also include if they are certain animal or breed-specific rescue. BARC has no liability for any communications shared. Comments on individuals/organizations are the personal or direct experiences of the individuals/organizations sharing the information, BARC is merely the messenger.

Additionally for your records:

If BARC offers sponsor money we ONLY send money to veterinary, boarding and training facilities. We can buy gift cards to a pet food store if necessary. This way we can confirm the money is going for the animals. We do NOT send money to Rescues directly.

Typically, the main AC contact will send us an email and include the rescue, directing the rescue to send us their vets info and COMPLETE mailing address. BARC Sponsor checks are generally sent every 2-4 weeks when our treasurer pays bills. As stated we are small and all volunteers with challenging work hours so this is done as soon possible.

Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty, BARC Chicago (herein referred to as BARC) is a networking and sponsoring conduit typically having no direct contact with the animals, rescues, etc.

BARC has no liability for any animal, correspondence or the like. Information is subject to change without our knowledge. We make no representations and ask that you direct all questions to the contact in the body of the email. We reserve the right to withdraw sponsorship for any reason and distribute money per directors discretion. By partaking in BARC correspondence, on any level, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless BARC and any affiliates of BARC.

All information in correspondence is based on the originating author/groups personal experiences.

Anyone sending or receiving correspondence to or from BARC Chicago, agrees to maintain the highest level of ethical communications. Absolutely no slanderous, defamatory, threatening, accusatory or in anyway injurious or harassing communications, either privately or publicly. Nor shall any communications be shared on any social media whatsoever without written approval of all parties in said communication. Any and all communications including those sent directly from BARC, forwarded to/from BARC or any recipients of communications, and any of the originators in any correspondence shall be released from any and all liability. Breach of these terms shall be subject to legal action.

Working with any individual or organization is the sole discretion of the person or organization that has the responsibility for the animal, everyone must do their own due diligence. 

It is strongly recommended that everyone review any and all contracts (including but not limited to adoption/foster contracts and options of rescue if adoption/foster does not want to keep the animal), procedures, protocols, financial information and mission of every organization.

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